Guy in the Showers

There was a guy at my gym yesterday I’d never seen before. Black beard with flecks of white, muscles but a little fat, hairy. When I joined him in the showers, he gave me that immediately recognisable look. You know the one… the one that gay guys give each other when they know.

He was all soaped up. His cock hung ready for action. I smiled and he smiled back, relaxed. Air rushed into my brain and I thought I was going to faint… I knew we’d get our cocks hard in a second and stuff was going to go down.

Someone else was showering in the stall next to us (we were in the open showers, which fit up to three people). Stroking our cocks, looking at each other. Smiling, and him mouthing how hot my body was. The guy left the stall and I moved over to grab his cock. He grabbed mine; we stroked a little then separated.

He kept checking to see if there was anybody coming in or leaving. He put his finger to his lips to say that it was all good and we could play. He moved in for a kiss and I smelt morning breath in his mouth, his beard tickling my face. Stroking, stroking, his cock started oozing cum. I scooped it up with my hand and used it for lube on my cock. He watched me tensed up, shooting my cum all over the wet floor. We then used our feet to push the cum to the drain – cleaning up the crime scene.

He went into a stall to get dry and change; I went back into the changing room’s main space. I kept thinking “life’s to be lived. I’m not going to feel guilty about this. I’m not going to feel awkward when he walks past and we look at each other.”

But he hadn’t come out by the time I finished changing, so I left without seeing him.

Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea: my gym is near home and maybe one day he’ll walk by me while I’m with my boyfriend. But life is short and we didn’t do anything unsafe. We don’t even know each other’s names. It was pure physical release, nothing else. Is it really so bad?


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2 Responses to Guy in the Showers

  1. thom says:

    it really is not bad, mate. imho it was a form of masturbation, “by accident“ with another guy. masturbation isn’t an issue, is it?
    keep up your great blog. i continue to love it. you have such a great taste in men!

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