I left work a bit early today and decided to drop by Liverpool Street Station’s toilets. I thought it might be a bit quiet – being mid-afternoon – but how wrong I was! One urinal section was cordoned off so all the guys were at the other urinals – about eight of them. I went to the last cabin and there was a hot guy with shaved grey hair, in tight jeans, adjusting his cock. Later, a daddy took his place as I came out of my cabin. A mixture of daddies and young guys stood at the urinals jerking off – including a good looking young blond guy.

The cleaners were by the barriers, chatting to each other.  I guess they just don’t care anymore.  If I wasn’t so scared of being caught and getting my name blacklisted, I’d join the fun.

It must be now two months since I visited that gay sauna in Leeds… I took a break from my gym but now I’m back in there, sharing the showers in the morning with dads from the swimming pool and gay boys who use the same hours as me for weight training.


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