Queensway Tube Toilets

The life of a gay man is truly strange, isn’t it? There you are, having a meeting with two women in a posh place then fifteen minutes later you are in a toilet below ground, on your way home, showing your cock to other gay men standing at the urinal.

This was at the Gents by Queensway Tube station. I reached it through Hyde Park and saw a few guys standing around outside, a major sign that it was busy down there. Followed a middle-eastern guy down the steps and positioned myself in the middle of the urinals. Middle-eastern guy seemed at first queer but he just pissed and left. In the other corner stood a bearded young guy with desperate eyes and a hard cock.

We were joined by a tall and fit ginger bloke who took the space beside me. He pulled out a large, semi-hard cock and started stroking it for me. He wore glasses just like me. Such a shame I was on my way home and couldn’t go elsewhere to suck it dry!


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