End of Cruising?

Maybe the days of London’s cruising grounds are over. I know its death has been announced in a few places but I never tried to believe it – I thought somehow the horny devils in this town would always turn a public toilet into a pick up joint if they had the chance. But maybe I was wrong. I just came by Baker Street tube and Hyde Park Corner’s toilets – both were dead. In the past, Friday evening was like open buffet! You couldn’t get a space by the urinals, and sometimes you couldn’t even stand around because there were other guys doing that too. Those days might be gone.

There are still some toilets that are busy – notably the one by my job, which is heaving during lunch time – but in general I think guys have been scared off by the police, or something. Maybe everyone just uses the internet nowdays. Maybe everyone grew bored of seeing a large cock dripping with piss slowly grow hard. Maybe everyone grew scared of going into a cabin with a stranger and sucking them dry.


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