New Gym Routine

I love going to my gym in the morning. No crowds but still a few hot guys to look at while I go through my routine.

There was a guy there on Wednesday with short legs – what’s the name of that condition? – that was obviously gay (some guys you can just tell by the face, the earrings and the haircut.) He was in the shower when I finished my workout – everything from his waist up was perfect and smooth. Even though he was shorter than me, because of his legs, his cock was large. We kept giving each other side glances – in a way he helped me relax and let my balls and cock hang loose instead of shrinking (as it usually happens when I get naked beside a stranger.) I kept soaping my cock and giving him looks which I think freaked him out: he grabbed his towel and headed back to the benches, and later when I joined him he quickly pulled up his underwear. I’ll try to pretend from now on, if I see him, that nothing happened.

I’ve started a new gym routine: four days of weight training, two days of cardio and one day of rest. Let’s see how long I manage to stick to it. Yesterday I got a full blown hard on in the showers but there was nobody around. The same happened today. I’m slowly relaxing and enjoying this new routine of taking my showers at the gym instead of doing it when I get home.

The public toilet near Old Compton Street is buzzing. Dropped by there yesterday after watching a movie with friends and three guys were cruising the urinals. Two of them left and paid to get inside the cabin above ground. The other one kept trying to see my cock but I just couldn’t get it hard for him. I also visited the toilets by Piccadilly – remember when they were all grungy, with a long open urinal where you picked your guy and took him to one of the cabins? None of that nowadays.

I keep visiting the toilets by my work, which is a big mistake. I’ve got to stop it but I can’t help myself. Yesterday I ran into a guy I’ve seen there before and I think he recognised me too. He stood outside the toilet smoking a cigarette but he didn’t make eye contact.

Today, since it was Friday, I had to visit it. Fridays are always the busiest at the cruising grounds. There was a dad outside the toilet. I stopped to tie my shoe laces and I could feel his eyes on my ass. As soon as I unzipped by the urinals he came in and picked a urinal a few feet from me. There was an older guy there too but I think he actually wanted to piss.

I noticed the dad wasn’t pissing, just shaking his cock. Looked his way and saw something delicious and soft – but with potential to get large and hard. I was late for the gym though – and nervous about being so near to work – so I left. I must stop myself from going to this cruising ground… it’s not a good idea.


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