Shrinkage at the Gym

Young guy at the gym today with a large package in his shorts. It looked at first he had a semi hard on, but when I looked closer I realised it was just a large cock he carried in there. He had a shaved head, strong arms and a tight ass. He was very good at hiding his horniness – some of the other guys weren’t as discreet, especially this tall Indian guy that kept looking at me.

Finished my workout and headed for the showers. I’m in there for a minute when I notice a guy getting naked in the cabin directly in front of me. He’s an older balding guy with a narrow, slim body who wears glasses. I started lathering my body and checking his body go naked, my cock getting large. Suddenly another guy joins us… the boy with the large cock!

What next? My cock disappears inside myself and I’m totally shy. I hate how this happens to me! Total shrinkage… meanwhile, he’s spouting a mouth-watering, heavy cock that hangs low and a cute bubble butt. I try to play discreet, soap my cock a million times and see if it gets up… but nothing. The boy doesn’t look at me but I’m sure he has noticed by now I have a small cock… damn.

We dry off and everyone goes their way. I really need to figure out a way of getting my nerves under control. Good looking guys make me shy; ugly guys make me hard. What’s up with that?!


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