Cruising and Boyfriends

I work right by a fairly busy public toilet. It was there I got picked up in September by that guy that fucked me in his apartment. I once in a while drop by to check what’s going on but the cold weather and dark evenings have made me slightly lazy.

However, since I’ve returned from holidays, I’ve been hitting it every day after work – sometimes even during my lunch breaks. I guess I’m horny for an anonymous fuck again. Sadly, nobody is ever there in the evenings (maybe I’m too early? Don’t give people time to leave their offices?) Two days ago there was an ugly daddy there that looked like he carried a large cock in his trousers. I didn’t get the lucky chance to find out though.

My boyfriend got back from holidays yesterday and we fucked twice at night – once in the bathtub and once in the bedroom. It was really good. I love him so much – think he’s so beautiful – but still this demon inside of me drives the roaming eyes after other men’s cocks.


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