Anonymous Fuck during Lunch break

I cheated on my boyfriend last Tuesday (21 September) after six years of good behaviour. It happened during my lunch break. I went to a public toilet near my work (my second visit) and got picked up by a guy in his late thirties, slim and quite good looking. He was slightly shorter than me and looked like a Hollywood actor (whose name now escapes me.)

We were the only two people in the rest room. He arrived after me (maybe he followed me in?) and chose a urinal a few feet away. He was dressed in jeans and a garden jacket. I was trying to piss but nothing would come out. I looked in his direction and noticed his cock growing in size -it was huge, as thick as a Coke can, nearly 8 inches, and dark like his tanned skin. I licked my lips and showed him how much I wanted his cock – a nervous smile too – and he gestured for me to follow him outside.

Hi bike was locked nearby. He asked what I was up to and I said I was on my lunch break. “Where do you work?” he asked and I said “nearby”. He said he lived nearby, just up the road. I followed him a few paces behind as we walked past grand houses. We reached a block of flats and went inside; his was on the ground floor, facing a communal garden.

As soon as we were inside his flat, I dropped my backback and took off my glasses. It was a small and neat apartment – the life of a single man in his late thirties, with a queen-sized bed covered with a white duvet, museum art prints on the wall, a book case, a pile of laundry by the door.

He unbuttoned his jeans and went for my zipper. We pulled down our trousers and stroked each others cocks through our underwear. I freed his fat cock and stroked the head with my saliva. He stripped me off my boxers and while one hand stroked my cock the other fingered my ass. I started grinding into his hands and he moaned; he asked if he should get a condom. I said yes. I took off all my clothes apart from my black & white checkered shirt. I had the silly thought that I looked sexy in it. He came back with lube on his palm and a condom. I bent down and started sucking his cock but he pulled me up – more interested in bending me over his hallway’s radiator and fucking my ass.

He lubed up my ass but his thick cock wouldn’t go in. I was “too tight” he groaned behind me. He kept going for more lube and trying again to slide into me. His apartment was warm, with some afternoon sun shining in. It felt very summery and nostalgic, like a holiday. He kept pushing in, asking me to relax and bend further down. It hurt and I knew I was probably bleeding. He was half-way in and the pain made me groan; he asked me to show how much I wanted his cock so I started pushing back. He slammed his body into me and grabbed my shoulders. His hand reached around me and stroked my cock. I was dripping pre-cum and he asked if I’d shot. I laughed that no, it was only pre-cum.

I moaned and asked him to fuck me harder, to shoot his cum in my ass. He pumped me a few more times and said he was cuming. I stroked myself while he slowed down and shot loads all over his floor.

Then it was like two people having small talk in a party as he rushed around chucking the condom, washing himself in a sink and wiping the floor with a wet cloth. He asked if I was American because of my accent (I told him I had lived in Canada) and how long I’d been in London. He asked again where I worked and I told him near the toilets (“you should be careful,” he warned me.) I laughed when I said that I’d have to return to the office and keep a straight face. We stepped outside his apartment because he had more “errands to run” and he said ciao with a wink as he locked his front door.

I walked down to the high street feeling the lube’s wetness inside of me, the sun shining on everything, the pretty boys with their tight bodies and cute asses popping out of the background. When I got to Tesco’s, I felt paranoid that his condom might have ripped inside of me and that my ass was now full of cum and, potentially, HIV. So I rushed back to the office to check myself in the rest room and was ashamed to realise how stained my bum was with shit! How embarrassing! He must have got it all over his cock. I checked my body to see if there were any signs of his cum, if I had stains on my skin or clothes.

My face was red for the rest of the afternoon knowing that my co-workers had no idea I’d just had a fuck session during lunch that lasted 15 minutes.


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