Boyfriend’s Return

My boyfriend has been back for over a week now. On the night he returned we were all over each other for hours. He wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck. But since then? It’s been quiet… he slowly gets back into his life in London and so do I.

Before he returned, I had all the chances in the world to bring guys back home with me. Guys from the gym, guys from Liverpool Street station’s toilets, guys that all merged into that one ginger bloke I mentioned previously. Yup, he was everywhere. Following my every moves. Watching me. Wanting me. Slinking into the gym’s showers after me in the hope of getting some action. I rejected him and now we have this strange acknowledgement of each other whenever I’m at the gym. I hope he doesn’t resent me.

I’m feeling so horny today. My boyfriend just went for a walk and I’m all alone. Feel like whipping out my cock and stroking it to some online porn. Then the smell of pre-cum and sperm will be all over my hands and underwear. Then I won’t feel like fucking him. Then we’ll have to push our sex life until tomorrow (going out tonight for drinks with mates.)

Life would be easier if there were a few extra boys hanging around that we could fuck – no guilt, no consequences to our relationship.


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