Ginger at the Gym

Walking towards my gym this afternoon when I felt eyes on my back. I turned and spotted a bearded ginger boy on his bike, staring at me. He cycled past and climbed the pavement, stopping right in front the gym to lock his bike. We did that awkward walk into the building where one person thinks the other should go first. He spoke quickly with the receptionist and I noticed he had a Spanish accent.

When I walked past the lockers, he stared at me; and throughout my workout session, I kept seeing him check me out. He had a good looking face but a far too thick beard: I love facial hair, but not when it’s out of control.

There was an annoying black guy taking up too much space – the kind who might be doing an exercise on the floor but won’t let you use the bench because his crap is on it. He had a big cock though – I caught him wandering the changing room completely naked, buzzing his facial hair while checking himself in the mirror. I headed for the showers, my cock going tiny with shyness, wondering if the black guy would join me. He didn’t.

But ginger boy showed up a few minutes later and stepped under the shower nozzle beside mine. It freaked me out! I grabbed my towel and ran back to my stuff. His body was in good shape but his back and butt were covered with large, red pimples. I feel bad for rejecting him so blatantly but he just wasn’t my type. I wonder what would have happened if he had been…


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