Boys at Liverpool Street Station

I went drinking in Soho with my co-workers on Thursday. The plan was for me to stay for just a few hours and then go home, dropping by Liverpool Street station’s toilets to check it out.

But one drink turned to four and I ended up on a midnight train with an empty stomach. I thought the rest room would be closed but that was not the case: a few guys were coming and going – most apparently just there to refresh themselves before a last bus/train ride home.

Just as I finished pissing, I noticed a curly-haired, bearded boy taking his time in the mirrors. And when I washed my hands, a cute blond guy came in and we exchanged a look. He was short, in light blue trousers that made his bubble butt stand out. Bearded boy kept an eye on both of us.

I walked out and stood by the bookshop, waiting for blond boy. When he came out, he saw me and missed a step. Then he smiled at me as he passed me and turned his head on the escalator to smile again. Bearded boy was right behind him.

What did I do? I turned around and took the tube home! With my empty stomach and my drunk head, I just wasn’t up for a two/threesome. Even though I had an empty apartment to accommodate us all. Or made it was my love for my boyfriend stopping me…

I think I saw blond boy the next morning in the tube, but I can’t be sure.


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