Boyfriend on Holiday

My boyfriend is going on holiday for two weeks and I’ll be left all alone in our apartment. I go to the gym nearly every day and imagine bringing some of those guys back home with me – the opportunity is around the corner now that I have the place to myself. I can tell some of those boys have large juicy cocks underneath their gym shorts – my mouth waters just thinking of sucking them dry.

Should I do it?

Reasons to fuck around
– My boyfriend and I have talked many times about opening our relationship, sleeping with other guys – as long as we use protection. He’s fine with the idea.
– I’ve done it before and he never found out.
– My body is in top shape and I could probably snag some hot dads and young studs to fuck me.
– I could leave work and hit the public toilets – fish some cock and offer to bring them home with me. Technically, I could fuck a different guy every night!

Reasons not to fuck around
– My boyfriend hasn’t actually agreed to it in the last few years. Maybe I should check with him before he flies away?
– I’m terrified of getting a sexually transmitted disease and having to explain myself to him. Or worse: passing something to him when he gets back. Although it’s fairly easy to avoid HIV, there are other ones like chlamydia that are just as bad in terms of cracking the relationship.
– I look at him and think what a great guy he is – do I want to hurt him (his presence in my mind) by cheating on him?
– I have so much porn – I could just satiate my needs every night with a different scene, or seeing guys jerk off online, and then move my attention to other things (films, books, my writing, etc)

I think I’ll play it by ear and see what happens… watch this space.


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