Guys on the Streets of London

The best way to know if you want to fuck someone is to look at them and ask yourself: “would I want his cock inside of me?” If the answer is yes, it’s a green light! If the answer is no, step away.

I ride London’s buses for nearly two hours each day. I get to see men going to work, men heading home, men standing outside pubs, men on bikes, men of all sorts. My new game is a good way to kill time on the buses. I look at the guys around me (sometimes even sitting by my side); I look at the guys outside… and I say to myself sperm my hole stud if they are hotties.

Funny thing is that many of the ugly guys on the street, if they showed me their cocks in a public toilet – and it turned out that they had big, fat juicy ones – I’d fall on my knees and let them to do my mouth whatever they wanted.

My tastes are fickle.

Another thing I noticed about myself: most outwardly gay men do nothing for me. I wouldn’t want to get fucked by them. But occasionally I’ll see a pretty guy in tight jeans, with a nice ass, and I’ll concede a good doggy pounding for him.


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