Checking out Baker Street’s toilets

Every time I’m near Baker Street tube station, I get butterflies in my stomach. I remember the time I met a guy by the tube’s toilet urinals and he took me to a nearby hotel for a blowjob. I fantasize about him quite often when I’m jerking off in the shower: him taking my mobile number after I’ve sucked him dry; him coming over when my boyfriend is out of town; him fucking me senseless all night long; him making me lick cum off his hands.

After work today, I was near the station so I dropped by to check my old haunting ground. The 20p payment which had been installed some time ago is gone – guys were coming and going as part of their commute home. It was fairly quiet and everyone was discreet; I noticed one good looking latino guy who was definitely out to get some; and after I washed my hands, I saw a very tall shave-headed bloke (large legs and arms and a slight potbelly) pick up a younger chubby dude and chat him up outside.

An hour later, I came back and there was a chubby bleached-blond dude in the corner, a black guy in a suit and some other random dudes. I came to the conclusion that I was the best looking guy in there all evening!


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2 Responses to Checking out Baker Street’s toilets

  1. mentulosus says:

    I recognise the butterflies: approaching a cottage where you’ve had fun before and wondering who’s going to be there – and dreaming that the beautiful guy with the gorgeous cock that you had once and have never seen again might somehow turn up.

    Used to live in the Midlands and there was a cottage in a park I used to nip out too in my lunch-break (before they renovated and sex-proofed it). There used to be a big stocky guy a bit older than me, 6′ 3″ maybe, cropped grey hair and, oh yeah, a very big thick cock. Was a great kisser too (which is pretty essential for me) and loved to suck cock. Every time I parked there, I would hope against hope that he might be there.

    Sounds like there were plenty of possibilities at Baker Street that evening. Am amazed at your self-control. What was wrong the good looking latino guy? I get so horned up in these places that I end up letting anyone toss me off (well, anyone within reason).

  2. doriansmith5 says:

    Yeah, Baker Street can be quite busy! It has potential but it’s also a bit hit-and-miss. And sometimes it’s busy but you can’t find a guy that turns you on…

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