Back to the Gym

I’ve returned to the gym after weeks of sedentary behaviour. It’s sunny and lovely in London at the moment – the perfect time to pick up an exercise routine.

Today, I headed for the pool in the afternoon, which wasn’t too busy. Some cute boys doing crawls, others splashing about with their mates. I kept my eyes on them as I did my laps, feeling the burn with pleasure in my body.

When I headed for the showers, there was only one nuzzle available in between two guys. The boy to my right soon left, just as I decided (at the same time as the guy to my left) to pull down my shorts. We both stood naked under the powerful shower, soaping our bodies and unwinding.

The guy was shorter than me, smooth and in his 40s, but very fit. He had a large, droopy uncut cock – probably about 8 or 9 inches long when hard, and thick. Pure deliciousness. He started getting a bit of a hard on and turned towards me but I was too aware of the busyness in the shower room to engage. Plus, my cock is way smaller and that always leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable.

But today was great: guys came and went, clearly checking my cock, and I didn’t feel any insecurities. Yeah, I have a 5.5 inch cock, but I also have a boyfriend who loves to plow my ass and suck me… so I guess I’m OK? I’ve got a nice warm hole that will wrap around your cock and a mouth that knows how to kiss and lick. I’m pale and fuzzy with hair… and slim, on my way to a very fit body.

I’ll keep going to the gym until I get a job. Exercise is the best thing to do when you are unemployed.


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