Back with Him

I arrived back in London today after a few weeks in South America. I was visiting my family, a recluse from London’s bustling life, friends and – most important of all – my boyfriend.

He’s at work right now. The first thing I did when I walked into the apartment was to get out of my clothes and into the bathtub for a good scrub. Cleaned my ass so thoroughly that you can serve dinner from it.

He’ll arrive at 6.30pm and we’ll kiss. Then we’ll head for the bedroom and fall on the floor, pulling each other’s clothes off. I’ll grab the lube and stroke his rock hard 7inch cock. I’ll guide him into me and love every second he fucks me, his body sweating above me, his tongue flicking inside my mouth. He’ll shoot his cum in my ass.

In the middle of the night, when he nestles his body close to mine, I’ll slide down his body and take his cock into my mouth. I’ll suck him just the way he likes it. Before he’s about to cum, he’ll turn me over and hold my head with one hand while the other strokes his cock in my mouth. He’ll let me drink all his cum like a hot milk bottle. I’ll fall asleep with his taste on my lips.


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