Cruising the Pool

I think I mentioned before that I’m currently unemployed. To me, the best thing to do in a situation like that is exercise every day. The routine is good for the mind and the exercise is good for the body and self-esteem. I love swimming and because I can hit the pool during quiet hours, I’ve been taking advantage of that.

Bliss! I love hitting that zone where my body crosses back and forth through the water while my mind strays away or counts the laps. It’s very therapeutic… meditative.

But there’s another bonus: the shower rooms afterwards. In the past, I’ve had my fair share of encounters with guys – boners that could have been blowjobs; quick jerk offs; exchanged glances; invitations for somewhere afterwards. I’m still feeling my way around this gym’s pool: I get the feeling some of the guys may be gay but I still haven’t been in that position (which I love) of soaping my naked body beside someone else. I love a communal shower, especially if it’s private and inhibition free.

Will keep you posted.


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