Fourth Floor Toilets

He told me there was a toilet on the fourth floor where all the action happened. You had to go into a narrow corridor that led to one of the emergency staircases in the building; by the stairs was a door into the forgotten toilet where men came for sex.

I followed his directions and stumbled upon four guys taking turns fucking a power bottom. They were covered in sweat and saliva, sucking and licking each other. The bottom – a short guy with dark hair and latino features – sucked each cock as if his life depended on it. I watched from a corner and wondered how I could join in.

Later, they told me a room had been prepared in the building for me to live in. The walls in this bedroom were freshly painted, the single bed had brand new sheets on it. As I inspected my bedroom I realised that it had once been the forgotten fourth floor toilet. The pipes, stalls and urinals were gone; the place was cleaned up. I stepped outside my bedroom to see whether the restroom had been moved to a nearby location and discovered a door which opened into a long and deserted shower room. It was the kind of place where football teams cleaned themselves after a game, but it looked as if it hadn’t been used for years (there was old machinery piled in one corner, rust and mold on the wall.) A woman walked across the shower room and I realised it was now used as a short cut by staff that worked in the kitchen.


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