Re-opening the Blog

I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday thinking about this blog. Tossing and turning in bed with my decision to re-open it to public readers. About a month ago I decided to close it and make it private because I didn’t see the point anymore of sharing its content with the world. But now I’m back – thinking about how I can use this platform to write about my thoughts, my views on queer sexuality, on queer relationships and so forth. I don’t want this to be a purely “jerk off” blog; I want to share ideas with readers and hopefully reach some conclusions about my own sexuality.

If you have been reading this for a while, you’ll know that I’m attracted to older guys. I discovered the whole “Dad and Son” fetish/scenario some years ago, quite by accident, and it immediately clicked with me. Funnily enough (sadly?), I’ve never been with a man older than myself other than a few encounters in public toilets. I don’t even find my own father remotely attractive! My sexual experience is quite limited and I’m for all intents and purposes monogamous (I’ve been in a long term relationship for many years.)

But why am I attracted to older guys? Why does the Dad/Son scenario turn me on? I’d like to explore this within myself – learn why I am this person (though I also find guys my own age sexually attractive). It will be a sort of psychological exploration. What I can say at this stage is that I love the idea of someone mature, in charge of a sexual situation… someone who knows what they want and can teach me a lot.

Feel free to join me with your own thoughts or requests. I wish to open up and be as candid as possible here. I want to turn this place into somewhere special for discussions on gay sexuality.


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