Father and Son at the Gym

My local gym is located in Bethnal Green, East London. It’s a great place if you want an affordable membership and a work out room that’s never too busy. With the summer, I decided to switch my routine to the morning because there were slightly too many people in the evenings. The shower room was always mine afterwards and I enjoyed the peace and quiet before my start to the day.

London’s going through a heatwave at the moment, making it easier to wake up early and show up at the gym when its doors open. Today, to my surprise, the place was heaving – mostly with twinks and jocks. I’ve seen one of the young guys around before – he’s got blond hair and fuzzy facial hair, a lean muscular body with pale legs, fashionable haircut that screams gay but a confident way about him that contrasts nicely to his unselfconscious good looks. By the free weights, I spotted too burly guys working hard on their chests and arms – one in his early twenties and the other in his mid forties. Thick arms, barrel chested, cropped light hair, darkly-tanned skin underneath blond hair… I suddenly realized they were father and son and nearly got a hard on.

My session went well. When I got to the locker room afterwards, I was surprised again at how busy it was. A fey, bleach blond twink was finishing off his shower. Father and son were stripping off and the young guy I’d seen earlier was down to his slim, smooth ass cheeks and a discreet towel hiding his manhood. I stripped off and played in my mind at what I was going to witness in the showers. My mouth got wet just thinking of the father and son naked, side by side, soap covering their bodies, their thick cocks hanging like blooming flowers between their legs. Then the son going down on his knees and taking his father’s cock into his mouth as the young guy turned to watch, his hard on sticking out.

Sadly, the son was too shy and only showered in his underwear. The father stripped off after his son was finished and entered the communal shower with the cute young guy. He took the shower nozzle to the left while the cute guy took the nozzle to the right, leaving the middle one free for me. What did I do? I chickened out as usual and went for a private cabin nearby that gave me a full view of the father but nothing of the young cutey.

I can imagine father and son being horny tops who like to take charge. It’s their loss that they’d never share the pleasure of one of them going down on his knees in the shower and taking the other’s cock into his mouth. But maybe – just maybe – if they were drunk enough one night, they might stand naked side by side, their proud cocks sticking out, and feed their milk to a cute young bottom willing to suck them dry. Or at least I hope.

The father had a thick, muscular body, deeply tanned and covered with hair, a 6 incher cock lightly pink. He finished his shower quickly and I got paranoid that he’d seen my growing hard on from watching him. The young guy, meanwhile, was very demure and left the shower together with me. He quickly slipped on his underwear (he had the cutest, tiniest, smoothest ass) and kept his back to the locker room at all times. A fat, old guy beside him – who’d been there when we’d arrived – took his time getting dressed… stared at my cock just before I pulled up my underwear.

I like this change of affairs at my gym; I’m looking forward to another morning session tomorrow. I’ve noticed a few weeks ago that a pair of twins also like to work out in the morning…


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