Stratford’s Bus Station

At rush hour, Stratford’s bus station is busy with people waiting for the ride that will take them home. People from all over the world seem to converge there – mostly immigrants that do minial work in the area: Eastern Europeans, Afro-caribbeans, East Asians.

I’ve checked out the station’s gents a couple of times during this busy hour and it’s always been busy with guys. There are three urinals plus two cabins. Yesterday, as I went in, I noticed a free space at the urinals between two middle-aged guys. They weren’t my type so I moved to the cabins. Just then, a short guy came out of one, holding a newspaper and with a grin on his face. He was soon followed by an Indian guy zipping up his fly. The toilet seat cover was down… looks like someone had just swallowed a bit of milk.

The other cabin was also busy. I took a piss and left, very surprised at how cruisy the place is. Also a little disappointed at how ugly the guys were.


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