First Time, Gym Showers

Yesterday, I finally tried my gym’s shower after a workout. It was around 4pm, when it’s pretty quiet – I didn’t think I’d find anyone in the changing room. Big mistake. The weights room had a fair amount of guys, most of them gay, so my heart went ballistic when it came time to take off my clothes and head for the water (I always freak out a little when the possibility of cocks comes into the equation.)

For some reason, the lights in the shower area were out. The communal shower space has three shower heads and is surrounded by three cabins for those that wish privacy. Sadly, one of the slim and muscular guys I’d seen earlier at the gym chose one of the cabins. I took a peaceful, refreshing and lonesome shower… which I should have extended as far as possible because as soon as I was done a guy joined me! I’d seen him earlier at the gym – nice ass, curly black hair, a slight limp to the right leg. I think though he was relieved to see me go – he was a bit shy.

Next time, next time…


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