Marble Arch Cruising

The best time to cruise for sex in London’s public toilets is when the city is in the grip of some event that takes the police’s full attention. Right now, the city has been smothered by a snow storm that has ground to a halt all buses and shut down most businesses. The police are, with no doubt, busy patrolling streets, making sure people are safe – the last thing in their minds is to keep check on what gay men are getting up to in toilet cubicles.

I know this is the case because years ago, when a city-wide strike hit all underground trains, I went cruising for sex in my regular spots and noticed the absence of police. At the time, Marble Arch’s public toilets were the hottest cruising spot in town. You could visit it before work or late afternoon and the urinals would be busy, men would be lingering inside the cubicles. On the day of the strike, I arrived early and found a skinhead with his dick out (about 6 inches, shaved balls) by the urinals. As I stood beside him, a young guy with a backpack joined me on my other side. After a while of stroking together, I looked at the skinhead and licked my lips; he zipped up and gestured for me to follow him to the cubicles. I went straight down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth once we were safely locked. He pulled down his cargo pants and lifted his shirt; his skin had that Scandinavian golden glow and was smooth and hairless. The young guy with the backpack stood outside our cubicle, trying to listen in. It was my first time swallowing a stranger’s cock – cruising for sex – so I got nervous; I stood up after a minute, said I had to go and left. The skinhead tried to smooth things over by gently saying I was only nervous, but my mind was set on escaping.

The next day of the strike, I returned to Marble Arch. This time, I stood alone by the urinals and waited for other guys to arrive. Suddenly, a tall guy walked from the cubicles to the urinals and stood a few feet away. He wore tight jeans and glasses, and had grey hair. He pulled out a giant, rock-hard erection (he was about 9 inches long). He stroked his monster cock as if to say I could have it all, shoved it back inside his tight jeans and returned to the cubicles area. Again, I got nervous and ran away. I always wonder what would have happened if I’d had the guts to follow with my desires and enjoy that walking embodiement of my sexual fantasies (I love older alpha males.) I fantasize about his massive cock and what he could have given me.

I went often to Marble Arch and it was always the same: tons of guys, tons of opportunities. Sometimes I watched them stroke each other by the urinals, sometimes they followed me outside but we failed to talk to each other. Eventually, rumours in websites declared the place dangerous after a few police sting operations. The toilets got shut down and remodelled (partitions added to the urinals so it made it hard to see what your neighbours were up to). Traffic slowed down, then eventually died.

I understand that the police is only doing its work, and they want to make sure the public doesn’t witness any indecency when they visit a public toilet. But, on the other hand, I don’t see what’s the problem with two consenting adults inside a cubicle, giving each other pleasure (as long as they are very discreet and quiet, and their cubicle is big enough to conceal what’s going on.) But on days like today, when the city needs the police, it’s a little chance for those who fantasize with free anonymous sex to get some of their dreams realized. I’m at home, working from my desk, but I hope there are many out there satisfying themselves and living exciting adventures.


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