Muslim Guys

I’ve been lately finding myself attracted to muslim men. The longer their beards, the darker their skin, the bigger their muscles, the larger the gap between our worlds, the more they appeal to me. I go to a gym that’s filled with them – smack in the middle of the Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities in London. The boys love using the gym and so, over the months, I’ve grown used to their unique kind of beauty.

The gym is dead quiet on Sunday mornings. I was by the free weight areas when a short guy in cotton trousers and a T-shirt asked if I was using the bench press. I said no, that he could go ahead. I noticed how dark his eye lashes were, as if he were wearing mascara, and how his beard was long, but neatly trimmed. Later, when he went to work on the dumbells, I noticed how thick his arms were, and how his cock hung loose underneath the cotton. I imagined myself on my knees, letting him dominate me with that cock. I’d suck his hairy balls and drink his cum. I’d let him hold my head and fuck my mouth until we were both raw.

It’s a beautiful sunny day… shame I couldn’t bring him home with me.


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