Anal Pleasure

I’ve always loved anal sex and, up until a few years ago, I used to have it regularly with my boyfriend. He’s got the bigger cock so I naturally service the chap – let him ride me hard until my ass is properly filled with cum. We tried swapping places a few times but he’s just too tight; he finds it too painful (even though he really wants to give me his cherry one day.)

I love the feeling of a cock filling my ass – that moment when you feel it all the way in. The slow push and shove, sliding in and out, until you are begging to be fucked hard.

It all came to a stop one day when I felt something rip around the ring. It grew painful with each push of his cock but we carried on. When we’d orgasmed, he pulled out and we discovered blood. From that day onwards, it sometimes hurt to take a shit (often blood coming out) and there was no way in hell I could take a cock again.

One year went by. Then two. I thought I’d never get to experience a boy riding my ass again. I thought my life as an anal sex lover was over.

Then last week I went for a nice long swim. Used all my energy in the swimming pool; felt great afterwards as I walked home in the sun – my muscles taunt, my body brimming with energy.

I found my boyfriend lying on our bed just in his underwear. I could see he had an erection.

‘Is that for me?’ I asked, pulling his cock out and licking its head. Before I knew it, I was begging him to fuck my ass. We pulled out the condoms and the lube; I told him he’d have to go through all the condoms with me that night.

He lubed me up really nice and took his time pushing his cock in. I was so happy when he slid all the way. I didn’t feel the pain. I was back to normal. He fucked me nice, drenching my body with his sweat.

Later that evening, he fucked me a second time. Writing this now, I think I’m going to kiss him hard after I’m finished posting in this blog and press his cock against my butt… I feel like having my ass pumped full of boy cum on this chilly summer night.


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