Checking Out Canary Wharf

I found myself in Canary Wharf this morning so decided to check the toilets again – see what they are like during the morning rush hour. As I took the escalator down, heading against the wave of people leaving the station, I kept my eyes on the door and on any men heading its way. One man thought it was locked (he pulled instead of pushing) so walked away; another one – forties, longish hair, slight pot belly – went in without any problems. I followed him.

If you don’t know the place, it’s a long room with sinks, urinals and cabins on the left hand side, brightly lit. The first time I went there, passage to the area beyond the cabins was cordoned off, so three guys occupied the urinals near the sinks. Today, the guy I followed disappeared into the back while I used the empty urinals near the door. Nobody else came in and the place seemed empty. But, as I left, I wondered if there were tons of guys at the back, where the other guy had gone, and I’d missed some action.


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