Old Haunts

I visited one of my old haunts today: the public toilets inside the Bakerloo Tube station. They are quite distinct in that, unlike most public toilets, they are located past the barriers, by the train platform. When I used to live in North West London, I’d visit it every once in a while after work and check out the cocks on display. The toilet was free to enter and always busy during rush hour.

They’ve now installed a paying turnstile: 20p to get in. Unsurprisingly, the place was dead. I pissed into the urinal and walked away – not even bothering to wait around. Maybe it was the time – I was there at 7pm. I should check it out around 5.30 one day – see if the old ghosts still haunt it.

I’ll write later about some of the adventures I had there. I’ll tell you about the businessman from Uxbridge who seduced me with his thick 8 inch cock, then took me to the toilets in a nearby hotel for me to suck him off. I’ll tell you about the ancient guy who had a monster between his legs – easily 9 inches – and eventhough he was missing most of his teeth I dreamed of sucking his cock off (and even went as far as exchanging mobile phone numbers with him.)

The urinals in that toilet have tasted my sperm.


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