Petticoat Lane Cruising

Despite the sun covering London this past weekend, the city felt empty and devoid of life. I left home Monday morning to meet some friends, carrying my swimming gear in a backpack (with ambitious plans to visit the gym’s pool after the visit.) But, when I left them and took the tube to my gym, the thought crossed my mind that I should check out the toilets at Petticoat Lane.

I honestly thought the place would be shut down, with heavy chains wrapped around the gate. But, to my surprise, the gate was open and it seemed like business as usual. A guy sat outside his store, on a plastic chair, just by the entrance to the toilet; I was sure I would find nobody in there except the cleaner, or perhaps one of the owners of the many stalls that belong to Petticoat Lane Market.

The toilet was dead quiet, with bright light drifting in from the tiles that cover the roof, and the smell of mould and piss hanging in the air. Then I spotted a young guy on the other side of the urinals, right at the corner. He had spiky brown hair and a medium build. He wore a white polo T-shirt and had his iPod plugged in.

We went through the motions: pissing, standing slightly apart; then discreetly checking each other out, our ears atuned to any noise from the street above (the cleaner was nowhere in site — or perhaps napping in his room?); finally the cocks at show — his about 6 inches long, thin, encased in white briefs, surrounded by trimmed pubic hair — the stares, the wanking — until I shot my load.

I was rude: I zipped up and left without waiting for him to finish. I didn’t even look at him as I walked out. Later, I felt guilty about leaving my spunk like that — the biggest alarm bell for the cleaner that something dodgy had gone on. But does anyone ever bother cleaning after themselves when drops of their cum fall on the floor by the urinals? I don’t think so. Plus, the guy’s cock kinda freaked me out: it had a weird sist/mole at the bottom of the head — like it was growing a second head. A possible STD? Who knows… it won’t be featuring in any of my future wank sessions.


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