Checking Out London’s Cruising Grounds

I took Friday off to run a couple of errands downtown. This gave me a good opportunity to visit some old cruising spots and check out the action.

I didn’t bother checking the toilets by Picadilly Circus tube, since they have gone dead ever since they were refurbished. I headed straight for the ones south of Oxford Street tube, on Marlborgh St. I went in just as a business man came out. A cleaner was mopping the floors and the place was empty. Next, I headed for the newly re-opened toilets right at the point where Oxford St. meets Regent’s St. I spotted a skinhead coming out and thought it might be my lucky day. I followed a young guy wearing a baseball cap, but he was only interested in pissing. Again, the toilet was empty and so I left. This was all in the middle of the afternoon, around 4pm, which may explain why these toilets were deserted – everyone was still at work.

After doing some shopping, I took the tube to Liverpool St. The toilets inside the station are usually busy, thanks to the constant stream of people that go through Liverpool Street. There were many guys by the urinals; as soon as I positioned myself, a short indian guy arrived to my left, and an eastern european business type took the urinal to my right. After a few moments of stroking my cock, I went to the sink (which has a mirror where you can watch all the action by the urinals) and kept an eye on the two guys. They seemed to agree on something; they zipped up and left together. On an impulse, I decided to follow.

I saw them shake hands on the escalator and leave the station. I followed. The short indian guy took the lead, a few steps ahead of the eastern european guy. They crossed the street and entered a narrow alley leading to a pub. I stopped at the mouth of the alley and, just as I was deciding whether to continue following them or not, the eastern european guy spotted me. He entered the pub and I decided to give up my chase. I never found out if they just shared a pint, or bodily fluids (most likely the later.)

Feeling extremely horny, I walked to Petticoat Lane in the hopes that the toilet would be open. I’d already been there a few days before, after work, and the place was locked. It was nearly 6pm so I knew I was pushing my luck. I wandered through the streets, trying to guide myself by the position of the sky scrappers, until I found the market lane. Again, the place was shut down. Bummer. Could it be that the police cracked down after one too many orgies… or am I partly to blame for writing about it?

Today, after work, I dropped by Waterloo station’s toilet (for a needed piss). Very busy and, to my surprise, two guys were cruising the urinals. I usually find that Waterloo is quite hit & miss, thanks to so many straight guys and the cleaner always being around. But, with the amount of public toilets disappearing in this city, guys are beginning to take risks in the busier resting rooms.


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