Petticoat Lane Shut Down

I went back (again) to Petticoat Lane today. A man a few feet away from me, dressed in a suit and a long black winter coat, seemed to be heading the same way. He crossed the street just before the gents, but when I saw him walk past it, scratching his head, I knew the place was shut down. A truck was right beside the entrance to the toilets, with a guy uploading pieces of metal from the market stalls, the toilet’s lights were turned on eventhough a thick chain was around the gates and a sign hung from it. What did the sign say? “Closed Indefinitely”? “Closed Until Further Notice”? I was too chicken to cross the street and check.

I haven’t been on any adventures since my last entry. Life has been centred around my boyfriend, the gym, a novel I’m trying to write and work.

Dear readers, tell me of your recent adventures.


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