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Sauna Virgin

I’ve never been to a gay sauna before. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been contemplating breaking this record and spending a few hours in one. Anyone care to be my guide? I want to suck cock. Tonight, more … Continue reading

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Last Train Home

I thought it would be nice to play with some cock before heading home, so I stopped by Liperpool St. station. The public toilets were still open at midnight. There was a constant stream of drunk guys going in and … Continue reading

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Petticoat Lane

I went to Petticoat Lane’s public toilet this evening. I’d heard so much about it at — stories of group sex, fit lads, horny cums and transgression — that I felt today was the day I’d break my self-imposed … Continue reading

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Men in the Summer

Men look their most beautiful by the end of Summer, specially those that are naturally active: their bodies tight from increased exercise in the warm months, their skins tanned gold. I catch myself watching these beautiful men — in the … Continue reading

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Thinking of Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker hasn’t texted me like he said he would. So now I’m left wondering if: a) He’s nervous/timid/shy about contacting me b) He thought I was a crazy guy because I confessed I had fantasies about him and wanted … Continue reading

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Andrew Baker

It must be more than two years since the first time I saw Andrew Baker (not his real name). At the time, inside the public toilet just by Baker Street Tube, he was simply the old man with the extremely … Continue reading

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London Summer Heatwave

London is under a summer heatwave. I’ve been walking home instead of waiting for a bus, using my legs to explore the little known roads and alleys that separate my flat and the Tube station. Recently, I walked past a … Continue reading

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