Christmas in London

For work reasons, I had to go downtown today around 4 p.m. The streets and tube trains were empty. I walked along the South Bank, watching the few families going into Foyles or strolling home, cursing my bad luck for having to be outdoors when it’s so cold.

I walked past the gay sauna Pleasuredome and, to my surprise, three men came out. For some reason I assumed the place would be shut down (but what do I know? I’ve never been to a gay sauna.) It now makes sense to me that some gay men will search comfort and love in the arms of strangers on this day; many of them have been rejected by their families, or don’t have any loved ones to share Christmas with.

The first guy to come out was tall and strong-looking, with shaved black hair. For some reason, he struck me as American. The second guy was a slim and short asian man in a suit. The third guy was of medium build, longish brown-hair and Italian features. His hair was wet and he had a beautiful face. He stared me straight in the eyes then followed the American guy. He walked as if something large had been going in and out his butt for hours. The American guy stopped and smiled at him. They walked together to Waterloo station, chatting as if they were getting to know each other. I imagine the American guy fucked cute Italian guy straight into heaven and they then decided to chat outside. That made me feel kinda happy and also curious about what goes on in that sauna.

Feeling horny, I checked Waterloo station’s toilets. A cute guy was drying his hand and, eventhough he stared at me, I think he didn’t want to risk anything. I then made my way to Bakerloo station’s toilets. Some guys in there, but everything very quiet – plus, they didn’t interest me.

Now I’m home, feeling full after dinner. I want to run a hot bath, stick my fingers in my ass and imagine a stocky older man fucking me.


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2 Responses to Christmas in London

  1. Dan says:

    Good morning.

    This is there very first time that I have come across your blog. I have decided to read it in reverse order from December 2006 backwards. I will leave comments occasionally as I find that your comments chime with how I a man feeling etc. I hope that that is ok. To be very honest with you from the very start I am a marked man of 40. I have four children and one in the way. I struggle often with how I feel about my sexuality. Guess in some long distant day and age how I a man feeling will be accepted and will be common (or at least more common that how I perceive it to be). Thank you for your blogs. I am pleased I have come across them. I will read them all. Nice to say hello to you buddy.

    Warm regards

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Hi Dan, thanks for your comment, I’m really glad my blog interests you and you see some of yourself in it. Look forward to hearing what you think of all the other posts!

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