Saturday Night, Liverpool Street Station

Yesterday, coming home from friends around 10.30pm, that familiar urge crept up when the Tube stopped at Liverpool Street Station. Should I hop off and go check it out? Every time I’ve been to those toilets on a Saturday night, the barriers are open, tons of guys are coming and going, mostly drunk, and the action is swift and busy at the urinals.

I wasn’t wrong: both urinal rows had about four guys, standing towards the back, some side-by-side, clearly jerking off.

I stood by a young guy, tall and fit, carrying a backpack. He looked at me with serious eyes and kept motioning to see my cock (which long time readers will know was soft and refusing to get hard.)

I motioned to him instead to move to the cabins and licked my lips. He moved – but to the partition at the back that separates both urinals, a narrow stretch of wall that can hide one guy.

I followed him there and found his thick, hard cock waiting for me. I went down on my knees and took it in, moving my body so both of us were behind the wall. Guys around us turned to look.

He moved then to the nearest urinal, so he could keep an eye on the traffic and then turn and feed me his cock at any gaps. Meanwhile, a short, older guy had moved to my side, trousers way down, cock peeking out of white briefs, and tried to feed me his. I gestured a no with my finger and kept working on the other cock – which was now being force fed hard to me.

The guy in the backpack then pulled back and asked me to show mine, but I said no and asked for more of his cock. He ignored that and moved to another urinal; I stood up and went to the cabins at the back.

I tried but just couldn’t get hard – too many nerves! But while at the back I noticed some interesting movements – some guys would walk past the cabins, walk up one of the urinals, then down another, maybe stop to wash their hands, then back to a cabin. Like they were checking the scene, or hoping to be followed.

I followed one guy, who got inside a cabin with me. But he didn’t want to be sucked, he wanted to kiss me gently and then motion for me to follow him outside… which I didn’t.

More guys arrived – mixed in with the rowdy lads who may, or may not, have been aware of the cruising (surely straight guys know?)

I lost a bit of patience and decided to head home. Just as I left, a station supervisor walked past me, on his way inside.

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Back to the old haunts, part 2

Yesterday, at lunch time, a few hours after my visit to Liverpool Street Station’s toilets, I happened to be in the area again. From past experience I knew the toilets would be a little busier than the morning.  I had 20p in my pocket and I thought: “it costs 30p to go in. I’ll walk down there and I’ll check to see if someone left credit behind on the turnstile.  If they did, it’s a sign for me to go in. If they didn’t, I’ll turn around and go back to the office.”

I got down there and someone had left 10p as credit.

The toilets were indeed a little busier, and the cleaner was there too, chatting loudly to someone just by the entrance. I took the second row of urinals and weighed the two nearby guys.  One of them, in his fifties, glasses and clean shaved, with a sports bag by his shoes, didn’t take long to show me his hard on – about 6 inches.

He nodded for me to join him but I said the cleaner was nearby. He didn’t understand so he moved next to me. I repeated myself and he said “two minutes, then follow me.”

Some younger guys arrived just as I was washing my hand, including a handsome and tall bearded fella. I left the toilets and waited by the escalators. He joined me a moment later, a bit nervous.

“You’ve got a nice cock,” I said.

“Where do you want to go?” he asked. “I really need a wank.”

“I don’t know. But it’s dangerous down there. I’ve heard of raids.”

“Really?” he said, surprised. “Let’s wait for the cleaner to come out, then we go back in. 5 minutes.”

But I wasn’t sure about this plan. Then I remembered the Weatherspoons upstairs, where I’d once seen a pair of guys go into one of the stalls. He accepted the suggestion and told me to go in front of him.

I got to the pub, walked past the security and pretended to look around for friends. The place was packed with blokes having a lunch time pint. I stood near the toilets and waited for him, but he wouldn’t show up. Then I saw him standing outside, looking around. I quickly went into the toilets to check them out, just one guy stood by the urinals. There were three cabins, with doors that you could see people’s legs underneath – not very safe.

I went back outside and told him I needed to go back to work.

“I know a nearby hotel. How much time do you have?”

“Five minutes,” I lied. I knew this was going nowhere, and he was very edgy and nervous.

We walked back inside and he asked what time I finished. He couldn’t be there in the evening but wondered if we could meet again the following day. I said I’d see him around and said my goodbye. He looked disappointed.


Today, I decided to go for a quick walk around Hampstead Heath, in particular the cruising ground I’d heard so much about.  The last time I’d been there was two years ago, with a friend. I wanted to feel the place by myself this time – with no intentions of hooking up with anyone.  Just wanted to see the paths, feel the vibe, check out the guys.

I got there by 4.30pm, when the sun was already setting. A grey sky, drizzle, not many people about – but it felt alright.  I enjoyed the brisk walk up Hampstead, going past the homes of the rich, enjoying the fresh air.

I took the path just by Jack Straw’s Castle carpark and noticed a guy in the distance, through the trees, walking a dog.  Further down, going slowly so as not to slip on the mud, I spotted a guy checking his mobile phone. I turned the opposite way and walked down one of the main paths (the one that runs beside a structure that looks like a Renaissance pavilion). When I looked back, the guy was still standing there, and a much younger (and fitter) dude had walked past him.

As I walked, I kept peering through the woods, trying to spot the mythic Fuck Tree. Would there be guys at that early hour? Would there be many of them? But that corner of Hampstead Heath was quiet, and growing darker.

Down a path to my left I spotted a young man walking my way – slim, pretty but nervous-looking, with a conservative hair cut. He wished me a silent hello and I whispered hello back.  Further down, an older guy in jeans and a backpack also headed in my direction. We nodded a hello to each other as we crossed paths.

After them, I didn’t see anymore guys. The forest got darker, the paths muddier, and so I turned around and made my way back to the nearest street.

I felt good walking home.

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Back to the old haunts, part 1

I’m traveling this morning around London, for work. Happened to be in Baker Street and that old curiosity cropped up: would anybody be cruising in the station’s toilets?

Popped in and yes, yes they were: three guys by the urinals – two older gentlemen and a guy in his early 30s. Stood beside two of them, turned off my headphones (to better heat cleaners approaching), and pulled out my cock.

But that familiar issue again: I just can’t get hard by the urinals! How do you guys do it!? Is the excitement of the moment? Half a tab of viagra?

Both fellas were hard and showed themselves to me – but I had nothing to offer back, so the younger guy zipped up and left. I followed a bit later.

Then I arrived at Liverpool Street Station, which tends to be very busy at night (and heavily patrolled). Whenever I’ve visited in the morning, it’s been empty – but I clocked a guy in grey trackies that seemed to be watching the comings and goings.

30p through the turnstile, deserted urinals (just an older guy in one corner, who looked homeless). When I’m washing my hands, a young guy comes in and, a moment later, the guy in the trackies, straight for the urinals.

Some things never change.

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Like a Virgin

I haven’t died, I haven’t disappeared, and I haven’t given up on this blog.

But what I have done is… stop cruising. After my last post, I went once more to the Vault (I think late September 2018?) and hooked up with three guys. I stayed in touch with one of them and ended up seeing him a few times in October and November. By our last meeting, I knew it wasn’t right and I wouldn’t see him anymore.

Then December came and a holiday in the tropics. I meditated, I practiced yoga, I read, I went for swims and runs. I contemplated my life a lot and asked myself if I was trying to find happiness outside myself, and if I was capable of just being happy with how things were, without changing anything.

I’ve deleted all apps and my account with Squirt. I’ve stopped watching porn. Maybe it’s winter, maybe I’ll spring back into action when London warms up. Or maybe it’s something else… I’m becoming someone else.

I have no regrets about how I’ve grown, what I’ve explored, what I’ve done, and all the many men that crossed my path. I’m happy with how everything turned out, and I look forward now to what 2019 has to offer; I hope it’s good and exciting – for myself and for you, dear reader.

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The Vault: 7th, 8th and 9th visits

I went a few weeks ago back to the Vault 139 – back to its naked night on Mondays. It was during the heat wave and a friend of mine had warned me it would probably stink, but I went anyway because I was feeling too horny.

I ended up spending 2 hours wandering around and sitting apart from everyone, disengaged. (And no, it didn’t stink.) There were fewer guys than my previous naked night visit, and these guys seemed split into two camps: mature and out of shape, and on Viagra; and young and fit, and not on Viagra.

I saw again the bald & bearded Dwarf/Short Guy with the massive cock, tattoos and pierced right nipple but we didn’t interact with each other. I did notice a tall, fit and attractive silver dad, also with a big cock, who moved around bopping to the music but seemed uninterested in everyone. A short Chinese dad grabbed my cock but I couldn’t get interested, so I smiled a polite apology. Then an Indian dad sauntered up to me excitedly and pushed my head down on his cock; but I bobbed back up in boredom and got a smoker’s kiss from him for my troubles. “I’m new here and nervous,” I lied before moving away.

There was a stunning twink with smooth marble skin, a tight ass and jet-black hair who floated around and eventually got pinned, bareback, by a hairy Turkish muscle dad in one of the alcoves. The other good-looking boys hung out with each other by the bar, only allowing those in their league to join in.

I ended up asking myself on my way home if the Vault’s spell on me had been broken.

A week later, feeling horny and adventurous again, I returned to its Wednesday Underwear night. The heat wave was still playing havoc with London and the venue was fairly empty. I wore dark blue boxer shorts and felt more relaxed, without any expectations.

The guys were a mixture of middle-aged regulars and a few bottom twinks. Two muscle marys stood out as the best looking – they roamed and roamed until they found each other and spent a good hour chatting about their lives in a corner, ignoring the rest of us.

I noticed a good-looking guy in his twenties checking me out whenever he walked past me. He was half-Japanese, tanned and toned, with a nice juicy ass. Did I want to top him? After another friendly smile, I thought “yeah, why not” and followed him.

That’s when Corona’s Rhythm of the Night started playing, a song that served as the soundtrack to the Saturday night at the Vault when my ginger buddy and I fooled around in one of the alcoves and got surrounded by guys trying to join in on the action. The song now served as a good omen.

He stood in front of one of the glory hole cabins. I stopped beside him and we smiled at each other. “Where you from?” he asked. He laughed when I told him – it turned out we were from the same country.

A guy standing inside the cabin directly opposite from us made a grab for my crotch, which I politely declined. He then stood aside and gestured for the two of us to go inside, which we did.

With the door closed, we pulled our underwear’s down. We both had cocks of the same size. We jerked each other off, with no kissing, and exploring each other’s torsos. “What are you?” he asked. “Versatile. You?” He was a bottom, as I had imagined.

He unwrapped a condom, unrolled it over my cock and turned around. I slid easily inside him from behind then, with my hands on his shoulders, started fucking him.

He had a delicious ass, which I pounded and slapped, working up a sweat for the both of us. My hands explored his chest and back, squeezed his nipples; my tongue played with his earlobes.

“I’m enjoying this,” he said with a cheeky smile, looking back at me. I shot my load, pulled out, pulled off the condom then massaged his chest and nipples as he jerked off and shot his load on the floor.

We left the cabin and smiled a “see you later” at each other. He went to the loos to clean up and I went into the sitting room by the bar to sit down and enjoy my post-cum buzz. Goldfrapp’s Systemagic (Ralphi Rosario Lunar Eclipse Mix) was playing – a song that I’ve been loving this year. It also struck me as a good omen, as if I was on the right path and all the lights running alongside it had lit up.

Guys came around and dangled their juicy cocks in front of me; and a hot and hairy dad jerked off to my side. Everything seemed sexy and fun suddenly – everything seemed all right.

I went back to the main cruising room to watch some action and my new friend joined me on one of the vinyl mattresses. “We recognised each other,” he joked. “Must be something about our smile, the country we come from.” I agreed with him.

He said he had just arrived in London and was on holiday. His next stop was Dublin. He asked if I was into drugs and knew where he could get some. I said I didn’t, on both accounts, but he could try the guys that hung around Camden Market.

We left the Vault together and took the Tube at Warren Street. He asked if I’d like to go with him to Camden – maybe he thought we could score drugs together and then have some chemsex back at his hotel. I showed him where to go on the Northern Line and he kissed my cheek goodbye.

There was still one special day remaining for me to visit: the infamous Naked Night on Thursdays. This is the day which, apparently, the Vault gets rammed with guys. Regardless of my previous experiences I felt that this was one day I had to experience for myself one day.

As my boyfriend spends some days of the week with his lover, I knew the chance to visit would eventually come up. And so it did this week.

Strangely for me, I spent the Thursday fairly calm about the visit. I brought my black douche bulb to work, to get my ass nicely ready for action, and I also took some PreP. I was feeling open minded and up for anything.

After a few post-work drinks with workmates and a quick visit to Sainsbury’s for a protein bar and some soup (for a meal after the Vault) I headed inside. Three guys waited on the staircase to get in; and more stood around inside, naked, holding their belongings inside crates. I took off my clothes, slid my complimentary lube and condom inside one of my socks and joined the queue. I was already tipsy so didn’t feel the need this time to head straight for the bar, for a fortifying drink.

There were tons of guys, of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. Crowds in the main cruising room, in the corridors, by the bar. The air was hot and ripe with the scent of sweat and sex. Every second brought skin against your own. Everywhere you looked there were guys fucking, sucking, rimming, jerking off, cruising, resting, and watching. I felt at peace with all these men, as if they were all my brothers. There was so much variety at show that it was easy to forget yourself and just go with the flow.

One minute after arriving I spotted the sexy silver dad (still bopping along to the music) and the bald & bearded Dwarf/Short Guy with the massive cock by the last alcove (underneath the porn telly). Down I went on my knees and swallowed the Dwarf’s cock. He put his hand behind my head, encouraging me; then he turned my face sideways so he could better face fuck me. A group of guys stood next to us, fooling around, drawing his eyes while I now licked his shaft and sucked his shaved balls.

Another short guy came to stand next to us, mature as well, nicely toned, bald and with an irresistible boner. I grabbed his cock and drew him closer so I could greedily work on both cocks at the same time. The newcomer loved it but the Dwarf/Short Guy wasn’t so into it and moved away. The new guy now pulled me up and asked what I was into. “Versatile.” So was he; and this seemed to stop things between us.

I rejoined the wandering guys and tried to appreciate where I was and what I was seeing. In the main room there was a row of guys on their knees on the vinyl beds, asses up in the air (some with condom packs on their backs). It didn’t take long for someone to stop and start ploughing them. It got me thinking on whether there are “levels” of behaviours in these clubs – if I was at the entry level and one day I would graduate to joining those guys, my ass also offered up to whoever wanted it…

I noticed a guy in the corner, tanned and hairless (apart from a little chest hair), with a nice big cock and a beer belly, swinging from a can of Stella. I moved closer so I could stand by his side, which he noticed. He soon turned around and grabbed my cock, and so I returned the favour. But when I tried to lean down and suck him, he stopped me.

“What’s your name?” he asked. I told him and he said his name was J. We chatted as we jerked each other off, gently, surrounded by guys fucking. Getting-to-know-you chitchat. “Want a beer?” he asked, so we moved to the bar.

He turned out to be very chatty and a heavy drinker. He was in his mid-50s and balding. He told me he was divorced, with two sons (one of them with the same name as mine), and that he had just come out of a long-term gay and monogamous relationship. He wanted to be around other gay men but not necessarily engage with anyone.

While we chatted by the bar I ran my hands up and down his back, massaged his neck and, of course, played with his cock. He said he didn’t mind the attention, that he wasn’t used to getting any. He liked telling jokes (many which came from his kids), and he said he travelled the world a lot for his work. I growled with excitement and squeezed his cock when he told me he was a true top.

He liked chatting and drinking so much that I started to wonder if anything was going to happen between us. A long line of guys had formed waiting to collect their belongings. Was everyone leaving even though it was only 9pm? (No, J assured me, there were still tons of guys, and more to arrive – and he was right.)

I told J I had to leave at 10pm as it took me an hour to get home. I also declined his many drink offers and stuck with tap water. I even gave him my free drink voucher. Finally, I said to him “I’m going to wander around for a bit.”

This spun him into action. “Are you horny for cock?”

“Yeah,” I smiled. We had been kissing – his hard cock pressed against my belly continuously getting me horny. He had made me turn around and praised my ass, but now I wanted him to show me some business. He took me by the hand and led me to the glory hole cabins.

A guy hanging out inside one of them stood aside so we could use it. J closed the door, locked it, finished off his 100th can of Stella and told me to sit down. He then squatted between my legs and slid his fingers inside my hole. He had told me back in the bar about prostates and the importance of playing with them. Now he was showing me what he knew.

While he fingered me with one hand, he fished his bottle of poppers from his socks and handed it to me. I sniffed from it and got so high and horny – like I’d never been before (or at least not anytime recently.)

Our bodies were covered with sweat. I kissed his head, rubbed him, reached for his rock hard cock. He ate me up with his eyes and fingered me hard. Right Here, Right Now played over the speakers. It made me so happy – because there was really nowhere else I rather be in that moment – I was fully there with J and the pleasure he was giving me.

“Shall we move to an alcove bed?” I suggested, worried he might be tired from kneeling. I also offered to get him some tissues for his fingers but he said he wasn’t bothered. “It’s just ass cum – you are cuming so much.”

J and I found an alcove and I lay down on the vinyl bed. He lay beside me and we kissed and sniffed some more of his poppers. It felt amazing to be in his arms, feeling his fingers slide back inside me as I tugged his thick cock. Then he was kneeling again and more determined than ever to make me orgasm.

And so I did. One of the biggest orgasms of my life. A week load exploding out of me – so good it was painful. Completely drained and high, with my cum flung all around the alcove.

J didn’t suck me off or let me suck him. He pointed out later how we had had good, safe fun together. He wanted me to come home with him for a few hours but I said I couldn’t. So I missed out on seeing him cum – it felt like he wasn’t able to let himself go at the Vault.

After cleaning ourselves we went back to the bar. Guys looked at us, smiled at my face covered with pleasure. I told J that guys were checking him out too but he wouldn’t believe me. “Nobody looks at me. I didn’t even think you would be interested. You looked out of my league.”

“You are very sexy J. You are an amazing man. And you need to run courses on how to massage prostates.” This made him laugh.

He had such a low opinion of himself, and of everyone else in the venue (“everyone here is stuck up, up their own arses.”) I felt this was a shame and tried to uplift him, make him see how sexy he was. When he pulled me around by the hand, other guys checked him out, smiled at him, probably wanted this top all for themselves, but he didn’t notice any of it.

I said my goodbye and took down his phone number. Our hugs and kisses annoyed some guy trying to walk past us (“he’s jealous,” I told J.) Then, as I got changed, I noticed the hung Dwarf/Short Guy also getting dressed and looking at me. J returned for another final kiss and goodbye, and when he left the Dwarf/Short Guy was no longer looking at me. If he had just given me another look, he would have found me giving him a warm, thank you smile.

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Camden Station toilets

I had to visit my office near Camden today. On the way back to Camden station, decided to see if the toilets were open and anything was going on.

There was a woman with a buggy outside. By the urinals stood a muscular, handsome guy with salt and pepper hair. A toddler played nearby, near one of the cabin doors.

The guy gave me a look but I thought it was the child’s dad, so I ignored it.

I stood there, trying to piss, and could tell that he was also not pissing. Then one of the doors opened and a man came out with another child. He grabbed both kids and left. Now the muscle dad was staring at me.

As soon as we were alone, he stepped away and jerked his flaccid cock at me. I was about to do the same when he spun around back to the urinal and warned me with his eyes. An elderly man was coming down the stairs.

The elderly man went into one of the cabins and closed the door. I moved closer to the guy, two urinals away. His nipples were hard – he squeezed one after the other while jerking off. Then he made a gesture for me to lean down.

And so I did, with his cock growing hard in my mouth, about 5.5 inches. Smooth, hairless balls, tight ass I could hold, muscular legs.

We kept stopping, thinking someone was coming. Then I leaned down again and sucked some more. He grabbed my head and started facefucking me until we had to stop: three young guys were coming down.

One of the guys gave me a look – I think he could tell what we were up to.

I grudgingly left and now I have a delicious smell of cock on my beard and a craving for more!

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The Vault: 6th Visit

I arrived just past 7pm, heart in my throat. Two guys were waiting down the stairs to pay and get in. Inside, a queue of naked guys waited to hand in their belongings inside crates. I stripped down with half a dozen guys before joining the queue. Next stop: the bar, to get a Kronenbourg and hope it would mellow me out a bit.

It was my first Naked night at The Vault. These nights are different from the clothed and underwear nights, not only for the fact that all guys are naked, but the type of guys that go there seems unique to it. Most guys bareback, most guys have massive cocks, most guys seem to be regulars and have mates with them, most guys are older, most guys come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, and most guys are there to get straight into the action.

There were about 40 to 50 guys in the venue at any give time, coming and going. This was a Monday night – for the popular Thursday, it must be jam-packed.

Every guy had many partners throughout the night. You sucked a cock, then you were onto another one, then someone was sucking your cock, then a hand slid down your ass, then you kissed someone, then you watched someone get fucked or get a blowjob. And on and on and on.

These are my memories of the night:

  • Joining a tall, slim and muscular black guy at the back of the main room, where we sat side-by-side jerking off to the guys sucking and fucking in front of us.
  • Noticing a muscular and good-looking guy arrive and get attention from everyone. Then have him come stand right in front of me, his gaze at his own reflection in the mirror behind me, while a fit guy fucking him from behind.
  • Have a guy then completely disregard that I was sitting there by squeezing his way to sit on top of me so he could suck the beautiful guy who was still getting fucked.
  • Noticing a short – almost dwarf-like – daddy with a large and thick cock red from a tight cock ring. Approaching him eventually and taking my time to suck and enjoy his cock until he had to silently stop me because he didn’t want to shoot quite yet.
  • The quantity of tall, beautiful and muscular black men, with massive cocks, who seemed to know each other, and who didn’t seem to want to engage with anyone.
  • The fucking and sucking taking place everywhere. The smell of lube, arse, sweat and cum everywhere. The amounts of asses up in the air, waiting to be fucked – many ignored and left up in the air until the owner moved on.
  • The short, mixed-race guy (half Asian, half white) in his twenties with a smooth muscular chest, who made me get down on my knees in the main room and service him, offering me occasionally his poppers (that didn’t work.) Who then – as always seems to happen in the Vault – moved away before he would blow his load.
  • The tall, slim guy in his 20s, wearing a baseball cap, with light facial hair, who double-taked me, came back to kiss me in the main room, pulled on my cock together with his, took my blowjob, grabbed my ass and said I had made him excited, turned me around and asked if he could fuck me with his pencil cock, said he always played safe when I asked for condoms, slid easily into me as I leaned on one of the barrels, fucked me while 8 guys surrounded us, some leaning down to jerk me off, who then whispered if I was enjoying his cock (I was – grateful it wasn’t thick), then pulled out before either one of us came. (Later, I saw him giving the half-Asian, half white guy a blowjob in one of the alcoves.)
  • The rugged guy in his forties who stood next to me in the glory hole cabins’ corridor, and whose nipples I tweaked. He went into a cabin and just as I was about to follow him in, he started chatting to some acquaintances standing outside. Later, in the hallway with vinyl seats that leads to the bar, I sat down to jerk off while a wiry skinhead fucked him from behind. He gestured for me to sit in front of him so he could suck me while getting fucked. A muscle dad with a bigger cock than mine joined us and his attention moved there.
  • The tall, muscular, hung and silent black guy in the darkroom who let me suck his amazing cock for a while before losing interest.
  • The skinhead daddy with a fit and tanned body who sat in the corridor with the vinyl seats, slapping his stomach with his hard cock, eyeing me across the way, slapping and jerking off, slapping and jerking off, until I couldn’t resist any longer and kneeled in front of him, sucked him, both of my hands tweaking his nipples, feeling his smooth stomach, until he shot his load in my mouth (which I then took to the bathroom to wash out as I hadn’t taken my PreP and was feeling a bit paranoid about HIV.)
  • The sexy dad with a big belly and big cock who fed me his meat outside the glory hole cabins, then took me inside one of them to facefuck me, then made me stand up so he could fuck me, but laughed when I asked for a condom as he said he never used condoms and, in any case, he was HIV undetectable. I wished him a good night and said my goodbye.
  • The tall, burly bear with a silver beard and friendly eyes, soft down on his back, who chatted to me for a bit and encouraged me not to feel so nervous because it was my first time (I found it hard to get a hard on most of the time).
  • The hot and hung guy laughing to himself in the corner of the main room, who kept telling everyone, including myself, that he had just cum so not to bother with his cock, and who encouraged me to go for one of the beautiful black guys (I didn’t.)
  • The young, fit, horny and handsome guy getting pounded inside one of the alcoves, sucking on a hot guy’s cock, with three guys standing around, waiting their turn to shoot their loads inside him. One of the guys (the next one in line) had a monster size cock, which I fluffed for him for a minute. The gangbang was so horny that I shot my load on the floor.
  • Chatting to a friendly guy just as I was leaving, who wanted to know from me how busy the night had been. It was 10pm and I told him it seemed to still be going strong.
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